Aftercare Advice

Essential Advice to Keep Your Hair Extensions in Good Condition


  1. After your hair extensions have been applied do not wash your hair for 2-3 days to allow the bonds to fully set.
  2. Always use a hair extension shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Balmain hair extension products. Other products are used at your own risk.
  3. Only wash your extensions two or three times a week.
  4. After washing,use a leave in conditioner on your hair, mid length to ends only.
  5. When using heat on your extensions, blow drying, straightening etc, always use a heat protection spray, mid length to ends. This will pro long their lifespan and will stop them drying out.
  6. Use Moroccan Argan oil on the hair extensions everyday on wet or dry hair. Only mid lengths to ends. This is a great conditioner for the hair and will keep them soft for silky for longer. We recommend putting it through your dry hair every night before you go to bed.
  7. Always tie your hair up at night either in a plait or a pony tail. This will stop any tangling and pro long their lifespan.
  8. Use a Tangle Teaser or a hair extension brush. This will stop tangles and will glide through your hair with ease. Normal brushes can get their brissles tangled in your bonds and pull at your extensions.
  9. When removing knots or tangles start at the ends and work your way up. Never pull at your extensions without holding them at the root first. This will stop any extension slippage or shedding.
  10. Avoid applying conditioner or anything oily to your bonds since this can cause them to slip and eventually come out.
  11. DO NOT wash the hair in a circular motion,never rub the hair together when drying either,as this can cause tangles or even matting. It can knock the cuticle out of alignment and ruin your hair extensions, causing them to go fuzzy and tangled.
  12. ALWAYS blow dry your roots and your bonds dry. Do not leave them wet. This can break the bond down over time and lead to shedding and ruin your extensions.
  13. Do not use hair products which have alcohol in them, as they can dry out your hair and ruin your extensions.
  14.  If you use sun beds we recommend wrapping the hair in a towel as sun beds can dry out hair extensions and can weaken or even break down/melt the keratin bonds. For those who work out regularly or use a steam room or sauna, please ensure that the bonds are dried and cooled down completely afterwards. Keeping bonds in a damp environment will make them deteriorate.
  15. Swimming with the extensions is not recommended. Chlorine in pools as well as salt water ,along with heat, can matt the hair and cause discoloration. Salt, pool chemicals and chlorine can cause the disintegration and break down of keratin bonds which cause a weakness/stickiness to your extensions which can lead to matting, hair extensions drying out or extensions falling out.
  16. After the extensions have been installed, your scalp can feel tender. This is normal and shouldn’t last any longer than a couple of days. This is just because of added weight on the scalp by the hair extensions.
  17. The lighter colour hair extensions may have a bleach content, so their life span will not be as long as hair that is not bleached. These light shades will also require more care and the use of heat should be avoided for improving lifespan.
  18. Do not use any products that contain oils or fruits oils such as coconut, wheat germ or citrus, using products that contain these ingredients can damage to your extensions and the bonds , and can cause discolouration to your hair extensions.
  19. You should have a monthly maintenance appointment after getting the extensions fitted to make sure you are looking after them correctly. The extensions can be re tightened, replaced or removed and we can give your hair a trim during your maintenance appointment.
  20. As hair extensions aren’t as strong as your natural hair, some will loosen and you may get some that shed.This is completely normal with all hair extension methods. Just keep hold of them and they can be re fitted during your next maintenance appointment.

When you have booked your appointment, we will send you an email with all the important information you will need to make sure your hair is properly prepped before fitting. We will also send you aftercare advice information to make sure you look after your gorgeous new hair extensions properly and get the longest lifespan out of them. We do not suggest colouring your hair extensions but please note if you decide to colour the hair, this is done so on your own risk. We cannot accept any liability for hair colouring gone wrong, this includes the use of silver shampoos. Always carry out a strand test prior to colouring/silver shampooing the hair to ensure the hair goes the colour you require and the quality of the hair is not effected.

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