Micro Ring Hair Extensions – The Most Cost-effective Way to Great Hair

At Five Star Hair Extensions, we use the safest of all methods in the hair extensions business, not using heat or glue to attach the hair extensions, micro rings are the safest and most damage free method of hair extensions.

  • Micro rings are small (4-5mm in diameter) with silicone lining for extra grip
  • These rings clamp the hair extensions to your natural hair not using heat or glue.
  • These are safer and more long-lasting than even clip-in hair extensions
  • These extensions can last 3-6 months with proper maintenance
  • Micro ring extensions can be removed and refitted without mess!

Maintenance is the key to long-lasting extensions

For your micro ring hair extensions to last and continue looking good throughout their lifespan they need regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Maintenance includes :

  • Cutting and styling
  • Getting rid of any tangles or knots
  • Re-fitting lost strands of hair
  • Re-tightening the micro rings