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At Five Star Hair Extensions we cover a large portion of Southern England with our own services. If you are in the Essex area and you need some quality natural hair extention for your party, wedding or just to treat yourself then please feel free to drop us a line. We cover the whole of Essex including Colchester, Chelmsford. Basildon, Harlow and Epping.

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Want that celebrity look for less in the comfort of your own home? Then we can come to you in Essex! Reliable, flexible and at an affordable price, we aim to provide a Five Star hair extension service! Mondays to Sundays, Mornings to Evenings, choose a convenient time to fit around you.

Visit Five Star Hair Extensions for the most Stylish Hair Extensions in Essex

At Five Star Hair Extensions, we know that hair is commonly called a woman’s crowning glory as it is one of the key factors responsible for shaping your personality. Women with great, stylish hair are known to be more confident and self-assured than those suffering from hair damage or problems such as hair thinning or dull and dry hair, etc.

While earlier such women had no choice but to suffer in silence and try hiding their damaged mane, today things are different, thanks to the invention of hair extensions. No longer do women have to stick to just one hairstyle or suffer from crippling hair conditions; with great-quality hair extensions provided by our highly experienced and qualified team of hair stylists, women can sport new hairstyles without permanently damaging their hair.

Why choose us?

There are a number of hair salons in the Essex area, but Five Star Hair Extensions stands out and part from them all because:

  • We use only the best human Indian Remy hair
  • We can advise you on the colour, length and kind of hair extensions that would suit your hair
  • We respect and follow your informed decision

But that’s not all!

What truly makes us so popular is that we understand the importance of maintaining hair extensions. We realise that given your hectic schedules, you probably do not have much time for it and that is why we offer all our clients appointments to tighten their hair extensions every 4-6 weeks. Our maintenance package includes:

  • Tightening hair rings
  • Replacing lost strands of hair
  • Trimming
  • Removing any and all matted areas

Above all, we offer free consultation sessions, so call Five Star Hair Extensions today and book an appointment for yourself! You can also visit us at our hair extension base in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Fees apply for mobile service.

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